Another MacIain Grave-slab?


Possible third grave-slab in St Comghan’s churchyard in Kilchoan.

We already knew of two fine grave-slabs in St Comghan’s churchyard in Kilchoan, both almost certainly of MacIain origin and possibly taken from the abbey at Iona.  Now, members of Ardnamurchan Community Archaeology have discovered what may be another.  Found close to the other slabs, what can be seen is only about one foot square, but it shows an intricate Celtic design.  Much more of the stone may lie beneath the grass but we cannot search for it – St Comghan’s churchyard is a scheduled monument and it would require special permission from Historic Scotland to anything within it, something which the group is unlikely to obtain.

There’s more about the MacIain grave slabs elsewhere on this site – here.

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