Problems at St Comghan’s

St Comghan's church

St Comghan’s Church which lies in the village of Kilchoan

St Comghan’s, the 12th/13th century church at which the Clan MacIain used to worship – see history of the church here – is showing further signs of deterioration.  Closed in 1831 when the new parish church was built, the site, including the churchyard with its many graves, is an historical monument, but its maintenance lies in the hands of Highland Council.  During a recent visit, Highland Council officers noticed that the main lintel stone over the entrance door is cracked in two places and is, therefore, potentially dangerous.

The entrance to the church, with the lintel stone

The entrance to the church, with the cracked lintel stone

At a recent meeting, the chairman and secretary of West Ardnamurchan Community Council were advised that the council would be erecting a barrier across the church entrance.  Since this is the only way in, this effectively seals off the interior of the church.

The Ardnamurchan Community Archaeology group, which is currently undertaking a survey of grave stones and grave slabs in the churchyard, has contacted Highland Council expressing its concern that the closure should be as brief as possible so that access can be re-established.

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