‘Great Seas’

Ardnamurchan storm

Storm at Ardnamurchan Point

The name Ardnamurchan has been translated in various ways.  Angus Henderson in his ‘Ardnamurchan Place Names’ says that the derivation is entirely Gaelic, with the first two words easily translated into English: Aird is height or headland, and nam means of.  The remaining part, murchan, has been translated as mor chuan, great seas, muir chon meaning sea hounds or whales, muirchol meaning hazel sea, or murdhuchan meaning mermaids, sea sirens or sea-nymphs.

Looking at this superb photo, taken near the lighthouse by Ricky Clark, an employee of Ardnamurchan Estate, at the height of the severe storm of 10th December, there’s little doubt as to which is the most appropriate.

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