Lochan Tom Mhic Iain

Tom Mhic Iain

Lochan Tom Mhic Iain, seen from the west.

This picture was taken on Christmas Day from the summit of Meall an Tarmachain, ptarmigan hill, looking almost due east.  The lochan is Lochan Tom Mhic Iain, and the small, lumpy hill to its immediate left is Tom Mhic Iain, MacIain’s Knoll.  The hill rising to their left is Beinn an Leathaid, which I take to mean the sloping hill.

I don’t know why this small hill is named after the clan which held Ardnamurchan for so long, but it’s obviously a very special place.

As can be seen, the colours in the hills at this time of year are stunning – if the sun is shining, which it certainly did on Christmas Day.

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