Sanna Beaches


The beaches and bays at Sanna, with the islands of Muck and Rum in the distance.

The little crofting township of Sanna is famous for having some of the cleanest, whitest and most unspoilt beaches in Scotland.  On a fine summer’s day, families come from far and wide to sit on the sands while their children play in the safe, shallow water.  Someone once said that this might be the Caribbean – all it needs is a few palm trees.

Popular they may be, but one of the joys of Sanna is that, because there are several beaches all within an easy walk of the township’s car park, the sands are never crowded.  And, for those who are prepared to walk a mile or two, there are more beaches along the north coast where, even on a busy national holiday, one can relax and see nobody all day.

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